Friday, October 16, 2009

Another visit to Rubble Creek

Time for the lazy trail runner to get off his lazy ass and update the blog ... 

I returned to the Rubble rumble on Thanksgiving Monday.  Had been there a couple of weeks earlier on a guys weekend in Whistler .... already capably covered by Tom in his "Run Now" not later blog.  That one had been snow free and relatively warm and just guys.

This one had snow and cooler temps and some pretty girls. Hmm... which one was better.... :p

Anyhoo... i think there were 14 of us that day starting in temps bordering the positive side of the freezing point.  But the sun was shining and there were new people to meet and chat with and even Jessica from my corporate days which i left behind me long ago (happily) for the rewarding world of teaching. Jessica was a good part of the corporate stuff though and when I knew her she didn't run! Now, 8 or 9 years later she's running ultras and looking to do her first 50 miler next year.  It's funny how people come to this sport and the stages of their lives where they decide to take it up, but once in I don't know anyone who's dropped it and why would you when you can run in places like this and with good people! 

I'm not gonna ramble on too much about the run. I'll let the pictures speak. Suffice to say it was pretty much a perfect day to run and I was sorry to have to turn around at Taylor pass and leave the group to get back to my car and turkey in North Van.  You can't miss out on that and people were eagerly awaiting my famous curried yams afterall! :p

The run back down by myself was great though.  Sometimes it's nice to just run through this kind of country with the trail to yourself ... which is pretty much what i had.

Looking forward to the Halloween half next Sunday.  It's always a good wheeze and the lazy trail runner is always up for a good wheeze .... I'm a professional wheezer..