Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Motivation and Running

Ah! Got ya! You were expecting some crap about sticking inspirational quotes on your mirror, telling yourself you're a winner and that you have friends (they just have busy schedules), putting upbeat music on your iQuit and setting a goal to set more goals ...etc. Shut up - i know you were.

Anyway ... forget it. None of it works. Coffee and cinnamon buns are what i use and if you can't get out the door for a run in the morning with the lure of a sticky bun and the elixir of life to follow then you're a baboon. Just looking at these pictures makes me wanna throw some salomon products on my feet and head out.

So it was the Aldergrove ramble last week and if you read wing cmdr craik's blog you have a pretty good idea of how that went for me. Egg macmuffins usually make my mouth water in a good way but just a nibble of that cheese had me pointing craiky off the road lickitysplit and saving his car by mere seconds from being decorated with the contents of my stomach. C2H5OH is an evil evil molecule. Aldergrove was a rough 4 laps and there was no stopping craiky from giving me a beating. But i was glad that i still showed up and prevented the letters D, N and S from appearing after my name.

This weekend is the Gunner Shaw Memorial at Jericho. It's a 10k and the terrain is classic cross-country with undulating ground, forests, open areas, mud, water and a couple of stretches of sandy beach to heckle your resolve. Hopefully the weather remains sunny and crispy, frosty. My favourite. I'm gonna stay clear of the evil molecule and snooze early. Then it'll be time to go head to head with craikster and see who falls first (should be him if i let him lead out. Piano and cheese wire are my friends in the forests.....).

Just remember... all this wouldn't be possible without the motivational assistance of Cinny and Beany .... I'm the Lazy Trailrunner... I know these things....

Race is at 11am, Saturday. Join us for the leaf kicking ceremony (where i kick leaves in craiky's face) and after-wheezer refreshments.