Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cross Training near Mt Rainier

Ok - so this is supposed to be a trail running blog but like i said ... i'm a lazy trailrunner. Sometimes i hop on a bike.

Anyhoo... last week i was lucky enough to be shown some of the Seattle area's great mountain biking trails.

It was a 30k loop on an almost perfect day at the edge of Mt Rainier national park. The loop consisted of two trails: the Skookumchuk trail and Sun Top. In between is a nice little 3500ft climb up a forestry road. But it was worth it! The Skookumchuk trail is a fast rolling cross country trail along the river. It's pretty smooth and you can zoom along laughing your head off at how much fun it is.

After the long climb up you get even more fun! A 45 minute descent on smooth, winding, fast rain forest trails. It's sooooo much fun. Have a look at the video if you need some more proof.

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