Sunday, November 20, 2011

Er...soo...bit of an update perhaps..?

Alrighty then... let's not hang about. Moving right along...hitting the main points.... during the summer i buggered off down to Oregon for a bit of a toodle around. Loved Bend and Hood River.Wish I had a second home there.... wait a minute... I don't even have a first home.. screw it... start with the second one and worry about the first one later... second one would be a hell of a lot cheaper.

Anyway... it was great... cheap camping...perfect weather... amazing trails and scenery...good coffee

and great customer service in stores etc... something that doesn't happen here in I'm too good to work in retail and provide pleasant service Vancouver. Oh and cheap gas and no sales tax!! Hello!!

This run was pretty cool...on the way to Bend in a place called ... something rock.. plymouth rock? castle rock? thirty rock? ...whatever... it was nice.. but piping hot!

Then it was off to the Coast... but that was a bust. Spent all night trying to find an empty campsite on a foggy, cloudy, windy coast on a weekend. Nothing! Hotels were a rip off.

Over rated coast! To hell with
you.. we thumbed our noses at it and buggered off back to the sunshine in Hood River.

October -

4 day weekend so took off to Jasper to get away from the rain here in Vancouver. The Rockies were nice and crispy and sunny. Awesome trip except for the $65 or whatever it was Park Pass... holy crap!!

But I'd always wanted to run the Tonquin Valley and we got the perfect day for it. Sunny, enough frost to keep the ground hard in the morning. Though coming back it got muddy as hell (Not good for my brand new

Speed Cross!). Still... it was everything i thought it would be and more. Fantastic trail and scenery. We ran in and out in maybe 6 hours taking lots of stops and photos. Trail is all very run-able. About 40km. Did it on one water bottle ...hmmm... maybe drink a little more next time...

Which takes us to yesterday .... oooooh..really nice day in Vancouver. First bit of snow in November again. Sunny and frosty and fall/winter like. So we buggered off out for a noodle from grouse to deep cove. If only Vancouver had more days like this in late Fall/Winter. If only the average person could afford to live here and actually get ahead! But no..only non-resident Chinese can do that now.
Anyway..nice out. Got some pics. And now you'reall up to date. Coming soon... x-country..sticky buns at gunner shaw.. bit of cyclocross in north van.. new years xc in crescent park and off to orcas again in Feb.

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mrC said...

wow! amazing pics doode! Outside mag should hire you and pay you garbage bags of cash and send you on assignment all over the world on their tab!