Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rocky Mountain High

Well ... we're off to see the Wizard folks! Driving down the yellow brick road to Colorado this morning and taking our sweet time about it so we can enjoy the scenery, get some runs in and because we can!

Trans Rockies starts Aug 22nd and you can follow it through the website and through their tweety bird thingie @TransRockiesRun ...and.... through Craiky's tweety bird thingie on his blog site...



Rosa Meyer said...

Hi Tom, I'm working with Powered by Chocolate Milk and they are interviewing athletes involved online (blogging, tweeting, etc.) to share their experiences in training, sport, nutrition, &competition. After checking out your blog, we think you would make a great feature. You can find the blog post talking about our outreach program here:

Give me a shout it you're interested Tom. My email is rosa@poweredbychocolatemilk.com

mrC said...

ummm.... thanks Rosa. But i'm actually not Tom and this isn't Tom's blog. I'm Duncan. Perhaps you are meaning to contact Tom on this blog....? http://www.tomsrunnow.blogspot.com/