Sunday, October 31, 2010

Don't Go into the Light!

...or is it "Do not go gentle into that good night" ?

Whichever it is we did not lose Kevin today and managed to coax him back with a trail of harvest crunch crumbs. Although i swear i heard a voice, not unlike my own, screaming hysterically "go! go! i'll look after Linda!" followed by a mysterious figure, again, not unlike my own, scrabbling around in the dirt with a straw (insert sucking noises) in the vicinity of the harvest crumbs....

Our two hour jaunt up and down a large hill on a certain quiet trail captured the beauty of fall with its vibrant colour, soft light, cool temperatures and earthy smells from the decay of summer. A ghost or goblin would not have been out of place in this silent forest.

Anyway... it was a perfect morning with perfect friends followed by perfect coffee. I'll leave it at that and let the pictures tell the rest..

Happy Halloween...


Kevin said...

Thanks again for a great run Cooster (and pulling me from the light). The day would've been perfect if it weren't for my mishap on the way down BCMC (sprained fingers and a bruised left butt cheek tell the story). At least I can say I got my Halloween scare out of the way.

Trick or Treat!

Tom Craik said...

Awesome morning, all. It's a shame we have to be "bad" people to run/hike in an area that is peaceful and silent. I'd do it again though.

Thanks for the joggy jog and great blog post.