Saturday, November 20, 2010

November Snow

Beautiful run on the trails this morning with the Pink Princess and three of her friends.

It's an odd feeling being the only guy on a group run. What would we talk about I wondered as I waited awkwardly in the parking lot for our start.....? Shopping? Spa treatments? Tea parties? Colours I have never heard of? Oh god.... feminine health topics?! Ew!

Just when real worry began to set in, someone mentioned yak trax. Yes! Thank you! I know something about those! And we were off...

Luckily, the girls kept to safe topics and ones I could participate in (at least when I was around). So thanks for that.
Run was really nice. Love running when there is a dusting of snow but the trails aren't covered and you get that mix of colours ... green, brown, white, gray (...see.. i can talk about colours after all).

Anyway.. thanks for the invite Princess. Fun morning. Nice diversion from report cards..


Princess in Training said...

Thanks for sticking it out with us. We want to make it an annual (or monthly??) Coo & the Chicks run!

It was great to add a dude to the group ;)

mrC said...

I could think of worse things. Thanks again.