Monday, May 9, 2011

Duncan in Duncan

Spent the weekend on the Island and decided to try out some new terrain and a new race (for me): The Gutbuster is a series of trail races on the island much like the mainland's 5Peaks series.

Headed down to my namesake town for the Tzouhalem Gutbuster -- a 13k loop that started at the lovely Providence Farm and proceeded to kick our teeth in with a relentless, 6k wheezefest ascent of Mt Tzouhalem (roughly 30-35 minutes non-stop up for me... and pretty steep in places.. as in time to lick the ground with your tongue steep). The route follows the near ridge from left to farthest right on the hill in the picture and returns along the top (right to left) and back down through some nice, swooping singletrack to the farm.

Race was dominated by the Prairie Inn Harriers who cleaned up many of the top spots. However, I managed to eek out a 12th overall and 2nd in my age group.

Pippi managed a 2nd in hers too so there was cause for celebration all round with a visit to McDonald's for milkshakes on the fast food strip in Duncan!

Thanks to Frontrunners Victoria (Mark and Care) for putting on a great event ... even if Care did chick me :( .... i'm getting closer!


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