Saturday, April 2, 2011

Runnin' with Chickens

Who can't laugh at chickens/roosters? Especially ones that are on island time. These ones waited til late afternoon before they started crowing! :-D Guess they had a few late nights..

Me n Pippi spent a couple of nights down on Orcas island. Stayed at a nice B&B that doubles as a farm so there were sheep, chickens, highland cows etc doodling around the property.

The great thing about off season is not many people. We had an entire converted farmhouse to ourselves the whole time! A lady would show up in the morning to make us breakfast and that was it!! Great place too ..highly recommend it ... the Turtleback Inn.

If you haven't run or mountain biked over there you should make the trip. The trails are challenging but smooth. We lucked out with a sunny day and ran a 25k or so loop up and over Mt. Constitution. The pics speak for themselves about the trails and scenery in this area. Enjoy.

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